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Will I meet you before you walk my dog?

Yes, this is essential. Prior to any walk, I arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your dog's personality and needs. This gives me the opportunity to meet both you and your dog. This is the perfect chance to discuss your dog's requirements and for me to answer any questions you may have.

How many dogs will be walked together?

Group walks will be put together based on age, breed and personality and I will always try to walk your dog with other like minded dogs. All group walks are a maximum of 6 dogs. Group walks are a fantastic way to socialise your dog, build their confidence and they gain greatly from the social aspect of their walks. Should you prefer your dog to be walked separately, solo walks are available.

Will my dog be walked off the lead?

Of course, subject to both the owner and myself mutually agreeing it is safe to do so. We will discuss this at the initial consultation and you will be asked to give written consent. I will only walk your dog off the lead if I am confident that it will return when called. If I am unable to walk your dog off the lead for any reason, I have a 10 metre training lead which still allows your dog to exercise safely.

Where will you walk my dog?

All my walks will take place within The New Forest and surrounding areas where it is safe and interesting for your dog. I vary my routes and locations to ensure each walk is as fun and exciting as the last! I try to walk in less crowded areas to minimise distractions and as far away from busy roads as possible.

Who will walk my dog?

Your dog will always be walked by me, Grant (the dog walker!)

Which areas do you cover?

I cover Ashurst, Beaulieu, Dibden, Dibden Purlieu, Eling, Hythe, Lyndhurst, Marchwood, Totton, Woodlands and surrounding areas. Please contact me to discuss.

How long is each walk?

All my walks last for at least 1 hour, not including pick up or drop off. If your dog requires longer or shorter walks, please contact me to discuss.

Will I need to be at home when you collect my dog?

No, providing you are happy for me to hold a key to your property. We will discuss this at the initial consultation. All keys are kept securely and will never be marked with anything other than the name of your dog. I am fully insured for loss of keys.

How will my dog be transported?

I have a fully insured and air conditioned van fitted with secure dog cages to ensure the journey to and from the walk is as safe and comfortable as possible. All cages have fresh drinking water available and are fitted with a comfy dog bed. The van benefits from doors on either side, and at the rear, so in an emergency situation, there is more than one exit. Photos of the van are available on my social media accounts.

Will my dog be given treats?

Of course, subject to what we have discussed at the initial consultation. This will depend on if your dog has any allergies or dietary requirements.

Will my dog be returned clean?

I will always try to return your dog as clean as possible. All dogs will be towel dried before returning home. I encourage dogs to have fun and it is important to remember they have gone on a walk, not to the groomers!

Do you walk in all weathers?

Absolutely, come rain, hail, or shine! Regular exercise is vital for your dog and I never let the weather get in the way. The only exception to this is in extreme weather conditions which may present a risk to the safety of your dog and myself


Does my dog need to wear a collar and tag?

It is required by law for all dogs to wear a tag with the owners name and address on. 


What will you do in an emergency?

In the unlikely event of an emergency, contacting the owner is my priority. At the initial consultation, I will ask you for primary and secondary emergency contact details. I will also ask you which vet your dog is registered with. If veterinary assistance is required, I will take your dog to your nominated vet or to the nearest vet possible depending on the circumstances.

Are you first aid trained?

Yes. I am qualified in dog first aid and emergency canine care, including CPR. A copy of my certificate is available to view on my social media accounts or upon request. I have a first aid kit on the van and always carry a portable first aid kit on my walks.

Are you DBS checked?

Yes. A copy of the certificate is available on my social media accounts or upon request. The certificate number is 001085003050.

Are you fully insured?

Yes, I am fully insured. My insurance documents are always available upon request.

Will you let me know if you have any concerns about my dog?

Of course. If I notice anything out of the ordinary, I will contact you straight away.

Will I get photos and updates of my dog?

At the end of every day, photos and videos will be uploaded to my social media accounts for you to enjoy.

Are there any dogs you can’t walk?

I am unable to walk bitches in season and puppies that haven’t yet received all their vaccinations. I am also unable to walk aggressive dogs on group walks, however I do offer solo walks.

How do I book?

Please get in touch via the “contact” page on my website.

How much do you charge?

Please see the “services & prices” page on my website.

What are your payment terms?

For regular walks, I invoice in arrears at the end of the month for that months walks. For one off services, I invoice at the end of that day. All invoices are due within 7 days. I kindly ask that all payments are made by bank transfer.

Do you offer a discount for walking more than one dog from the same house?

Yes! Two dogs from the same household will receive a 10% discount, whilst three dogs from the same house will receive a 20% discount. Please see my “services and prices” page for more information.

Do you offer discount for recommending a friend?

Yes! For each successful referral for a regular service, you will receive £10 off your next invoice.

What is your cancellation policy?

I understand that plans can sometimes change and I am very flexible when it comes to bookings. All I ask is that you contact me by phone or email giving at least 24 hours notice for no charges to apply. If you wish to cancel a regular service, I ask for a minimum of 4 weeks notice.

Do you have a contract or service agreement?

A copy of my service agreement is available upon request and will always be provided at the initial consultation.

Do you provide overnight stays?

Unfortunately I am unable to offer this service.

Do you offer occasional walks?

Yes, I am very flexible when it comes to bookings. Please contact me to check my availability.

Do you walk dogs on weekends and bank holidays?

This is subject to availability. Please contact me to discuss.

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