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Group Walk

“A fun filled hour long adventure! The perfect opportunity to burn off that extra energy and socialise with new friends”

Group walk - 1 hour


Group walk - 1 hour 

(2 dogs from the same home)


Group walk - 1 hour 

(3 dogs from the same home)


Day Care

“When the ‘pawrents’ are away, the dog gets to play! An exciting day out, joining me on group walks and exploring The New Forest”


Half day

(up to 4 hours)


Full day 

(up to 8 hours)


Home Visit

“A welcome visitor when you’re home alone. Whether that’s cleaning up after a puppy, playtime in the garden, a quick bite to eat or just a cuddle!”


Home visit - 30 minutes


Home visit - 30 minutes

(Twice in one day)


Solo Walk

“The perfect walk for those of us who prefer our own company and a bit more one to one attention”


Solo walk - 1 hour


Evening Turndown

“The after hours version of a home visit. When the ‘pawrents’ are out, you can have fun too! I will match your usual routine and settle you down for the evening”


Evening turndown - 30 minutes 


Meet & Greet

“Our first date! The perfect opportunity for us all to get to know one another. The chance to ask lots of questions and determine our future together!”


Initial consultation - it's on me!

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